If you are searching for a kit that includes everything you need for starting vaping, you can consider the iStick Pico Kit. This kit includes one of the smallest mods that is comfortable to use. Even though the size is small the power of 75 W is quite impressive.

There are a lot of features and aspects you can consider when it comes to this mod so we will discuss them below in detail.

When it comes about colors the iStick Pico offers no more than fourteen different styles from classic touches to colorful ones: dazzling, red crackle, brushed black silver, brushed gunmetal, wood grain, jet black bronze, white bronze, brushed silver, full black, white, silver, hot pink, grey and black.

The standard configuration of the box includes one iStick Pico mod, one MELO III mini atomizer, EC 0.3 ohm head, one EC 0.5 ohm head, four seal rings, one USB cable and two user manual, one for the mod and one of the tank.

iStick Pico Kit Review


Tiny and cute appearance

Everybody loves compact mods that are convenient and portable. The iStick Pico is such as mod and it impresses in a small design.

TC-SS and TCR modes available

The compact size of the iStick Pico is not an impediment in having a powerful mod that can go up to 75 W. Also you can switch between the VW/ Bypass and TC with the Ni, Ti, SS and TCR modes.

Detachable structure

The MELO III mini can easily be detached for cleaning. It can also be easily reassembled without any other complication. Also, the top cap can easily be removed in order for the tank to be filled with juice. The MELO III mini has an invisible airflow control ring.

Diving In

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Eleaf iStick Pico Kit

The first thing you can notice is the small design of the iStick Pico mod. Therefore, even with the tank on it, the mod feels comfortable in hands. An interesting thing is that the device is shorter than a normal 18650 cell. But the iStick Pico brings an innovation as the battery cap has an extension. The cap is quite easy to open and close when you want to install the cell or take it out.

For sure as a single battery device, the cell may drain in a few hours. Therefore it is always good to have other fully charged batteries with you if you are taking a long journey.

The fire button has a curved style and it is positioned on one side of the device. Below the fire button, there is the OLED screen and the micro-USB port. The plus and minus buttons are placed at the right bottom of the mod, which normally may seem quite strange as usually they are placed on one side of the mod. But at the end of the day, I appreciate the clean look of the mod and the buttons are carefully placed to make sure that there are no accidental presses.

The OLED screen is pretty large, considering the small size of the mod. You can read enough information on the screen so there are no problems regarding this aspect.

The menu is quite complex as you need to press more different combinations of keys in order to set the wanted settings. Still, it includes all you need for a good working mod. Therefore, press the fire button three times in order to surf through the modes available. There you can choose between the Bypass mode or the Temperature control mode.

You can also set the TCR mode by turning off the device first with five fire button presses. After that, you have to press the again the fire button and the plus button at the same time for a few seconds. Then you can choose between the three memories available and by the help of the plus and minus buttons, you can set the wanted resistance coefficient.

If you want to flip the screen you can press the plus and minus buttons while the mod is turned off. When the device is turned on, the same button pressing will lock and unlock the keys just to make sure there will be no accidental presses at all.

If you want to put the device in a stealth mode, you need to have the device turned on then press at the same time the fire button and the minus button. When the device is off, the fire button and the plus button will help you to see the battery voltage.

On standby, the screen shows the wattage and temperature that the users sets and also the resistance and voltage. If you are still in standby mode, you can press once the fire button and you will be able to see a puff timer. But for any other key combination for the device to work, you can read the user manual which is written in different languages and is understandable.

The device is firmware upgradeable, which is a big plus, as you can easily connect it to your computer and download the latest update. You can use your USB cable in order to charge your device fast and easy.

When it comes to the MELO mini tank, for sure is a nice addition to the iStick Pico mod. The tank has a 2 ml capacity which is lower than any other normal mod, but considering this is a mini one, still, the 2 ml capacity seems to be fear.

The top part of the tank is made of stainless steel that will remain cool even when you will vape at high wattage. For pouring juice, you just have to unscrew the cap of the tank and pour it into the two wide side slots. Under the glass tube, you will find a stainless steel ring that adjusts the airflow.

The tank comes with two different coil heads that unfortunately that work pretty well. At the same time, the vapors created are impressive and the taste is pretty rich. There is not even a tiny dry feeling, therefore it is a nice experience when using the mod. It is quite recommendable to cautiously use coil heads at the beginning, as you will not want to have a burned taste from the very beginning. Therefore, you can start with a small wattage and after a little bit of usage, you can go up in power.

We Like:

  • Portability
  • Lean design

We Don’t Like:

  • Plus and Minus buttons on bottom side


If you are wondering whether the iStick Pico worths the money for sure the answer is YES. That is because this tiny mod works very well despite the small size. The price transforms this kit into an affordable one.

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