It is clear that the wide market starts to be filled with mods that are lighter and smaller. Considering the fact that it is more comfortable to use a mod that is pocketable and compact.

Therefore, Council of Vapor has decided to provide to the wide audience a mini-mod that has mega features: the Mega Volt 80 W. This mod is able to offer 80 watts of power.

Apart from the tiny design, the Council of Vapor also wanted to bring on the table another aspect that reaches the attention of everybody: a fast charging mod that in thirty minutes can reach to full charge.

There are two color options you can choose from gunmetal or stainless steel.

Opening the box you will find one Mega Volt 80W Box Mod, one USB cable and one user manual. It is not such an impressive box with too many accessories but for sure it includes exactly what you need for starting vaping (apart from the atomizer).

Council of Vapor Mega Volt Review


Council of Vapor Mega Volt Review 1

Strong materials for durable mod

The Mega Volt 80W mod is made of zinc alloy, texturized paint, and carbon fiber. All these materials are well known for being durable in time. Therefore you can have a robust mod that will last in time.

Tiny design

A big fuss may be the one that there is always need of batteries when purchasing a new mod. But the Mega Volt 80W box includes the needed battery. On top of that, the battery is a long lasting 20500 battery of 1750 mAh. This means your mod will have enough battery for you to use it very often. With the features included, you can also be sure that the mod will charge faster than ever. That is because it includes the V3 fast charging capability.

Various protections

There are different protections you will enjoy when using the Mega Volt mod. For instance, the short circuit protection, the low voltage protection, the low resistance protection or the overheat protection will help you to vape safely without any other complication included.

Diving In

Council of Vapor Mega Volt Review 2

Council of Vapor Mega Volt 80W

So let`s talk about the design first which is perfect for the ones who need a nice and compact mod. The mod has no more than 6 cm in height. The Mega Volt feels pretty solid but still, it doesn`t feel too heavy, thanks to the zinc alloy. The mod is comfortable to use also because of the rounded edges. There are no problems with the fingerprints so you will not have to stress regarding the design that will always be nice and clean.

There are two different designs you can choose from. But whether is the Gun Metal design or the Stainless Steel, a half of the mod is coated with black paint and a Carbon Fiber finish. Both designs look quite well and what it`s more important is that they seem durable.

The mod includes three buttons that are quite responsive and easy to use. There are no rattles, which is a huge relief. The 20500 battery has a power of 1750 mAh and once fully charged can last a good amount of hours. Therefore you will be able to use it throughout the day without any problems.

Now, the Council of Vapor promised to provide a mod that charges in less than thirty minutes but it took a little bit longer in reality for the mod to reach a full charge. It doesn`t take more than an hour to charge tough, which is still impressive.

In order to start the mod, you will have to press five times on the fire button. You can press simultaneously the plus and minus button if you want to flip the screen. You can press the same buttons again if you want to flip the screen back.

A weird thing is that you cannot increase or decrease the wattage by pressing the plus and minus buttons. Instead, you will have to hold the fire button and the plus button at the same time.Then increase or decrease the wattage.

If you press the plus button you will be able to check the voltage and if you press the minus button you will be able to check the ramp up time. If you want to change from Standard to Soft or Powerful modes you can do that as well by pressing the fire button and the minus button at the same time.

For going to the main menu you need to press the fire button three times. The mod includes well-known modes such as the TC with the Ni, Ti, and SS. The USB port is located at the base and you just have to connect the cable in order to charge the battery. The location of the USB port is quite weird, as many other manufacturers have always criticised this idea.

The mod also has a 510 pin that is spring-loaded and it can fit atomizers up to 24mm. There will be no overhang problems, which is a quite good pro.

The mod features the well known OLED display that provides all the needed information. A small con may be the fact that the screen is quite small so it shows just a piece of information at a time. This will obviously lead to pressing more buttons than usual and it may be quite fussy for people who are used to large screens. Still, the screen is bright and clear, easy to read the provided information.

There is a wide range of protections the mod provides. The overheating protection stands up and it works pretty well. There are also the short circuit protection or the low voltage one wich work well. Each one of them is very important as in this way the mod will last for a longer period of time and you will be able to vape safely.

We Like:

  • Good built quality
  • Powerful mod despite the tiny design
  • Easy to work menu

We Don’t Like:

  • The battery does not last for a really long period of time
  • Small OLED screen


The mod is a proper option for beginners as it is compact and easy to use. The user manual is practical as includes instructions in operating the mod. Overall the mod works quite well and is a recommendable product.

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