The new version of the Cavalry mod the Cavalry V2 Mechanical Mod, design and manufactured by Serisvape is here. With the extremely nice, eye-catching design, this mech mod has a strange shape (as the first version), being bolder in the middle. Having many safety features like the top and bottom venting holes, battery sleeve and top venting channels, this mech mod also guarantees safety having a very rigid body.

On the mod itself, we see the main design element of this mod, a very deep engraving going all around the mod body, the Cavalry logo at the top and the “Cavalry” word at the bottom. The brass material and the black finish make it look awesome.

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Cavalry V2 Mech Mod Review 2

Eye-catching design

One of the main reason which makes me choose a mech mod is the design. Of course, everyone has different tastes but for me, the combination of black and the color of brass is absolutely fantastic. More than that, the deep engraving provides a very nice grip and touch feeling.

Build in safety features

Safety, a good point to take in consideration when choosing a mechanical mod. The Cavalry V2 has top and bottom airflow holes, battery sleeve and a thick body.

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Diving In

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Cavalry V2 mechanical mod review

The main points to inspect at a mechanical mod are safety and design, and as the design is very subjective, the safety features are very well defined. The venting holes are a must-have for a mech mod and on Seriesvape Cavalry V2 we find four of them, two on top and two on the bottom(unscrewing the fire button) and also, a battery sleeve is present inside the mod for extra protection.

Besides its unusual bold shape, the mod feels very good in the hand, the engraving on the black finish texture gives it extra grip.

Looking at the measurements we have at the very top, where the 510 connector is, 24.50mm in thickness and in the middle is around 28.50mm, the height is 95.50mm.

The most interesting part of this mod is the fire button system. The pin and contactor are silver plated, which help to reduce inner resistance and perform with no delay. The firing switch is much bigger compared with the previous version of Cavalry. In order to add more safety, Seriesvape has implemented screwing technique. In order to unlock the button, you need to unscrew it, in order to lock it you just have to screw it until it will arrive at the maximum deep. This system has divided the vaping community into two parts. The ones how like it and the ones how don’t.

How this system actually work? The firing structure from the bottom is not using the screwing technique, instead, you just push it and its held in place by friction. The downside of this is that in time the rubber internal O ring can be damaged and becomes unable to hold the firing mechanism in place, also the conductivity can be affected.

Cavalry V2 Mech Mod Review 6

They are only two differences between the Cavalry V1 and Cavalry V2. The fire button design and the top air channels design. Besides that, the two versions are identical.

Besides the negative points of the fire button design, I have to admit that this is among the easiest firing system to maintain. All the parts can be unscrewed and clean. Also, you can choose between the spring and magnets.

The activation is instant(as expected from a mech mod), the brass body makes it feel a little heavy besides that the mod doesn’t activate under his on weight if placed on a table with the fire button unscrewed.

Cavalry V2 Mech Mod Review

We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Many safety features
  • Great price

We Don’t Like:

  • None


Cavalry V2 is the perfect choice for beginners because it has many safety features compared with the competition and is easy to maintain. The price of this mod is not yet available but considering the latest version of Cavalry, I think it will be under 45$.

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