VapeRevs Rating Process

The review process that we put every new product through was created to be the most in-depth and all-encompassing. So we aim for delivering the most accurate and honest review.

We also devised our criteria in a way to be applicable to all the products we review, so no matter if it is an e-liquid or herb vaporizer or any vaping-related product like tanks or e-juices, all our reviews are guaranteed to be the most detailed and authentic.

While, at the same time, remaining true to a product’s specific qualities. We recognize that some products have qualities specific to them, and we also take a product’s uniqueness into account, whenever we review one.

We start when we receive the item and do not stop until the review has been posted online. We also monitor the status of products, to see if there are any changes if the product has a defect or has been recalled by the manufacturer.

Rating Criteria

  • Performance


    Refers to how well a device does what it is supposed to do, or whether it delivers on the claims made by the manufacturer

  • Cost


    We look at whether a device is worth the price it sells for, if it is overpriced, or if there is a similar item that offers the same but costs less

  • Quality

    Quality and Design

    Quality and design can be subjective, but this category can refer to things like if a product is well-designed, or if it stands out visually, or it is well-made and easy-to-use

  • Packaging

    Packaging and Accessories

    Presentation is important in a lot of things, and vaping is no different, the way a product comes packaged or arrives at a customer’s doorstep is another we look at

  • Service

    Service and Warranty

    We look at how well a company deals with customers, services, complaints and whether they feature reward or loyalty programs

Rating Criteria

Each category has a point system, wherein a product can receive a high score of 10 no matter the category. After that, the sum the scores are divided into the number of categories. If a product receives a score of 10 in every category, it receives an eventual score of 10, which then means we consider it for inclusion on a best-of list to be published later.

One product that (nearly) received a high score was the PAX 3 vaporizer.

The PAX 3 scored 9.4

Review Vapes image
  • Performance

    Performance - 10

    all the main functions of the PAX 3 (temp. Control, vapor production, user-friendliness) were trouble-free, and posed no problems

  • Quality

    Quality and Design - 10

    the clean, uncluttered exterior design of the PAX 3 is unlike any other herb vaporizer, it has no screen or adjustment buttons, which are normally standard with a device that has the same capabilities, not to mention the fact that it has haptic feedback, and like the Juul needs only a slight tap to show its battery life.

  • Service

    Service and Warranty - 10

    both versions of the PAX 3 come with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Cost

    Cost - 7

    there are two packages for the PAX 3 that are differently priced: the deluxe - and more expensive one - allows for concentrates vaping, and comes with a half-pack lid, but the less expensive version only functions as a dry herb vape, but still has Bluetooth compatibility and more temperature profiles

  • Packaging

    Packaging and Accessories - 10

    although there is a difference between the number of accessories you get in the two packages, they are both enough to still have a great vape

We gave 7 points only because the PAX 3 is pricey compared to other devices on the market, but that point did not prevent it from getting onto our best-of list.

When creating our best-of lists we also take into consideration:

  • Our vaping experience
  • User comments and feedback
  • Results of online polls that we conduct
  • Input from other reviewers who did not initially review the product

Vape Reviews

Even though our reviewers could write long top products listings, five-thousand-word reviews all day, every day, they also enjoy writing short reviews and summaries. Informative and concise reviews benefit both our writers and our readers.

Our writers benefit because of the challenge of writing about complicated devices from every possible aspect in only a few words, while our readers can find out everything about a device quickly, and still make an informed choice on what to get.