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Vaping 101: the do`s and don`ts!


There is no doubt that vaping is not just a process of making huge clouds or tasting nice flavors, but it is also important to know more information about this phenomenon. There are some things you need to consider while using e-cigarettes, while there are also some things you don`t need to do. Therefore, we have a full list for you with some do`s and don`ts. They will help you stay safe and enjoy vaping all the time.

The Do’s of vaping

Inform yourself ( come on! You know that knowledge is power!)

On the internet, you can find tons of pages with all sort of vaping information. With just a few clicks you will be able to find more details regarding the vaping life in general or regarding a certain product in detail. Moreover, alongside just vaping, there are also some rules for instance that you have to check. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes are not the same thing!

You need to know if it is legal to vape in an airport or in a restaurant. There are even countries where vaping is illegal. So keep yourself informed and up to date just to make sure you will not encounter unpleasant situations. Be sure to trust reliable sources when reading important information.

Quality is very important when purchasing mods

It is true that the vape market has exploded in the recent years. Therefore, any person can find a wide range of different products, from kits to simple mods or accessories. So this wide market can confuse people who want to purchase a quality product.

In case you ask yourself what makes a quality vaping device, there are some important facts you can consider. For instance, you can read reviews from reliable sources that will tell you details of a certain mod before purchasing it. Reviewers are quite objective and they tell others the cons and pros of any mod in particular. There are even review pages that provide a top of the best mods or best producers.

You can also choose to purchase a mod from a well-known brand that is cherished for the quality provided. Therefore, quality e-cigarettes will be suitable for you to use it for a long time.

Experiment a lot (and have fun)

Vaping is also about fun, so you have the freedom to experiment a lot. This means you can change flavors, you can even make your own liquids at home.

You can check the different settings of your mod and just enjoy them. After a while, you will be able to personalize it after your needs and you will know exactly what to do for a great vaping experience. You can even learn some tricks for fun (and for impressing your friends.).

Take care of your mod

Of course, you will want your mod to last for a long time. Therefore take care of your mod and all the components that come along with it. For instance, keep the extra batteries in a case, just to make sure that they will stay safe for when you will need them.

Periodically, you can clean the mod and check it for any cracks in case you dropped it. Weather is also an important factor that can influence the good working of your mod. So just keep the device away from direct sunlight or from extreme temperatures either when it`s very hot or it`s very cold. On the same time, keep your mod away from water as it could easily kill the mod.

The don`ts of vaping

Don`t treat vaping exactly like smoking

Still, there are many people who think that vaping is very similar to smoking. But for sure you know it is not. Smoking and vaping are two distinct phenomena, therefore a person cannot pursue the same rules for the two. For example, don`t assume that a person who smokes will also like the vapors your create.

Also, don`t assume that if you are allowed to smoke in a place, you are also allowed to vape and vice-versa. It is easier to ask before recurring to any action. In this way, you will enjoy your vaping without getting into trouble.

Don`t use improper batteries

Don’t use your laptop 18650 cells just because they fit. as this thing can ruin the quality of your mod and also it is very dangerous. Cells made for vaping devices have a higher discharge. Always aim for top quality batteries, for instance, Sony VTC 5, VTC 5A and VTC 6.

Don`t neglect the symptoms of your mod

There are many situations when the mod can encounter some problems into working properly. Therefore do not neglect any problem you may notice, even though it`s a tiny little one. For example, in case your atomizer doesn`t heat up in a quick way, or if it doesn`t light up, you can consider the possibility to check the coil and mayby replacing it.

Don`t put too much juice in your atomizer. On the other hand, don`t let the atomizer run out of e-liquid as the atomizer might heat up in a fast way and it will burn your cotton/coils. All these details are important for the vaping process to be a quality one.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do, we are sure that vaping will be more pleasant for you! Just take good care of yourself and your mod and, most of all, have fun! Keep yourself informed and up to date regarding vaping!

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