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The end of vaping in Italy?


UPDATE(02/02/2018): Suspended the tax for e-liquids without nicotine.

Vaping community in Italy is passing the darkest times. On 11/15/2017 the Constitutional Court of Italy has decided to reject the appeal made by Tar, blocking in this way the monster tax from 2015 until today.

The law that increases the taxes on vaping products has returned in Italy.

The tax is estimated to be over 50%, in this way, increasing drastically the price for vape products, liquids with nicotine and without nicotine. For example, the 10ml liquids will arrive to cost over 10 euros or over 12 dollars and the mix and vape liquids of 60ml will be over 50 euros or over 59 dollars with or without nicotine. Various web stores are fighting against this change.

Vaping community in Italy

The number of people that use electronic cigarettes in Italy is estimated to be over 1.500.000, from which 800.000 are using the electronic cigarettes daily. Italy is placed second in the top of European countries, considering the number of e-cigarettes users, being surpassed only by England counting almost 3 million persons.

More about taxes, the entire sector collapse

The big tax will be applied at the end of November. Is estimated that 80% of the existing vape shops will close. The Italian vaping industry will suffer heavy damage. This industry has offered over 30.000 jobs without counting the jobs offered by the courier companies to their new drivers in order to cover the request. 80% of the jobs will disappear and many people will be unemployed.

Wait, this is not all.

Another law called “Emendamento Vicari”, by the italian press, coming at 24 hours distance from the first one will be supposed to vote. Where, if the law is approved, the electronic cigarettes will become state monopoly. This includes liquids with or without nicotine and of course the device itself.

In the Vicari Amendment are also blocked the online sells of electronic cigarettes and liquids. In order to sell the vaping products a vape store, will have to request a special license release by the government if the vape store will meet some conditions.

What do you think about this? Leave us a message in the comments section with your opinion.

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  1. The problem with the matter is that the law was put into effect by a self-defeated Government !
    Newer italians have ever chosen these lobbyists Government of corrupt Bankers and Thieves …
    This is called Dictatorship !
    Which makes me very angry that it fits to Sh…. Europa ..
    nobody talks about the real problem that’s the truth !
    Thats all only about the money have nothing to do with health preventioin that one never elected analfabethe minister can enforce such laws and destroy a whole sector and make countless people to lose their job…


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