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Should you use electronic cigarettes?


To use or not to use electronic cigarettes? This is the question.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is clear that the market includes a wide range, many manufacturers come with different styles and don`t forget about the amazing pallet of flavors. But it is very important to understand the electronic cigarette concept and the way a person can use it. So here is some more in-depth information as you know already that knowledge is power!

Electronic cigarette. The beginning.

The story of electronic cigarettes starts with two names: Herbert Gilbert and Hon Lik. Herbert Gilbert succeeded to the patent in 1963 a cigarette that was tobacco-free and smoke-free. His concept was to replace the tobacco from the normal cigarette into the air. But it seemed like he didn`t have too much success as no one considered his idea a brilliant one.

2003 is the moment when Hon Lik gets into the stage as he creates the first electronic cigarette that is based on nicotine. Next year he started to commercialize his product that now is manufactured worldwide. But the interesting fact about Hon Lik`s was that his father was a victim of cancer because of smoking normal cigarettes. This is how Hon Lik created the electronic cigarette with the purpose of helping other people to quit smoking. Interesting huh?

Normal cigarette versus electronic cigarette, any difference?

To better understand the electronic cigarette, it is quite important to compare it with the normal cigarettes. And the first difference between the two is the fact that the electronic cigarette doesn`t emit smoke. This is a good plus, considering the fact that the smoke is the source of many troubles.

Instead, an electronic cigarette emits vapor, in the process of e-liquid vaporization. Without smoke, electronic cigarettes don’t contain the 60+ carcinogen substances and over 400 noncarcinogen toxins that traditional cigarettes have.

On the same time, it is said that the smoke from a normal cigarette may be more harmful to people around the person who smokes. Instead, the vapor from the electronic cigarette tends to be less harmful.

Another difference regarding the two cigarettes is that the electronic one is obviously a device that any adult can handle. This means that such a device can have different settings and features that may help to monitor the number and frequency of puffs called puff count. Nice feature to control your vaping habits.

A person can buy the e-liquid containing the right amount of nicotine and also can choose from a big variety of flavors. Ti will take time to find the right one as the number of e-liquid manufacturers is enormous.

Can electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking?

Many scientists try to prove if this question is true or false. So, one of the many studies that surveyed over 160,000 people in 15 years shows that people who switched from normal cigarettes to the electronic ones have succeeded to quit smoking for a certain period. The same study shows that other people who kept using the normal cigarettes have tried less to quit smoking.

This happened probably because of the differences between the electronic and the normal cigarette. For instance, taste and smell of an electronic cigarette are different from a regular cigarette as the e-cigarette liquid can contain synthetic and organic flavors from strawberry to pizza.

Other studies followed the ingredients of the liquid found inside an electronic cigarette and the effects they can have on human body. The elements composing the e-liquid are Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Nicotine (not always), water and synthetic and/or organic flavors.
It was shown that there is an important difference between the level of NNAL (the substance that causes lung cancer) that an electronic or a normal cigarette has. So the users of electronic cigarette had 97% lower level of NNAL than the users of a normal cigarette.

So, until now the e-cigarettes seems to be must valuated and secure method if you want to stop smoking. Is important to choose the right level of nicotine and also the right flavor.

What to choose from the wide range of electronic cigarettes?

Many people ask if is they should use an electronic cigarette. The point is that it is good to change a normal cigarette with an electronic one, but it is not good to start using the electronic cigarette for people who have never smoked before.

These devices were created to quit smoking or to smoke less and not to start using them just for fun.
In the market, we found a very large range of electronic cigarettes also called vape mods. They come from different manufacturers that try to provide innovative designs and features. For a beginner, the previous smoker, there are kits that will provide the proper tools for starting to use an electronic cigarette.

It`s easy to get such a kit from specialized e-cigarette shops or even online. These kits have everything that it is needed for vaping, from the electronic cigarette to charger or even spare parts to be changed when the first ones are broken.

On the other hand, there are many flavors a person can choose. From simple ones as tobacco or fruits and chocolate to the complex taste of cappuccino and they go even to very complex ones such as a chocolate cookie or cotton candy. This fact is pretty amazing as a person can change from one flavor to the other without hesitation.

The prices of the kits vary, of course, considering the many features included. But they are very affordable. A standard kit can start from only 18$ and can go up to 100-200$.


All, in a nutshell, electronic cigarettes are proper devices to be used by smokers, if they want to clean their lives of the bad smell that classic cigarettes provide. Are you a smoker? Just search for the wanted vape mod by considering the many reviews available online.

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