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Confiscation of e-liquids with nicotine in Italy


Yesterday(January 30, 2018), in Italy, the finance raid has started, this time to confiscate all the 10ml e-liquids which have nicotine inside that were bought before the reactivation of the big tax. In other words, all the stores that have made huge supply to sell the liquids without tax for a while are in danger.

TPD compliant e-liquids? Italy: Not enough!

We are speaking about TPD compliant e-liquids, that have already been notified following the EU guidelines. It seems that Italy is making its best to eliminate as fast as possible all the vape shops or the most part of them. The only other country how has taken so quick and irrational action is Malaysia. In which “Malaysian police and pharma regulators launched a series of coordinated raids” according to vapingpost.com.

What we will expect?

Of course, the prices will go up and a good part of the vape shops will close.
Vaping will not die, don’t worry, it will become a lux. And those who will not be able to buy nicotine shots from vape shops will buy them on the black market. Increasing the risk of contamination and impurity of the e-liquids.

How the news come out?

One of the vape shops owners has made a live Facebook video on a private vape group in the moment when the finance was in-house. Giving more details to vape shop owners on how the controls are made and which are the confiscated products.

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