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Learn when and how to clean your mod and tank!


Even though it may not sound that important, for sure the cleaning process of your vaping kit has a big impact on it. There are various advantages you can consider if you will always clean your mod. For instance, by cleaning it, the mod will always work better. You will also prevent important damages such as burnt parts that can destroy the mod for good.

In case you don`t know how to clean the mod and the tank, here are some important steps and tips you can consider!

How to know when it`s the time for cleaning your mod?

Just a little bit of attention paid to your mod will allow you to see the signs that might slightly tell you that you need to clean your mod. For example, you can check if there are any residues inside. If you see them, it means the time for cleaning your mod has come. Another sign that your kit needs to be cleaned is when you don`t get anymore the right cloud size or when you feel the flavor is not as good as before. A bubbling noise when inhaling might mean that a part of the liquid has dropped in the inner tank or in the coil head. This means you will need to clean your tank in order to get rid of the problem or to change the coil.

There are many people who really don`t wait for any sign in order to clean their mods. They just set a time instead, once in a couple of weeks, when they clean the mod and the tank in a more attentive way.

Follow producer`s specifications

Before starting to actually clean your mod or tank, it is very important first to read the producer`s specifications. Normally you can find such information in the user manual. You can also check the official web page of the producer. In this way, you will get the proper information regarding on how to clean your mod and tank, as recommended by the ones who created them. Some of the producers might recommend you to just use a dry cloth while other will say to use warm water and allow the elements to dry for a long time. Always keep yourself informed just to make sure that you`re choosing the best method.

Cleaning your tank

It is very important to keep your tank clean. That is because the tank is filled with juice and there are different residues that tend to remain inside the tank. These residues, if not cleaned out, can provide a nasty taste when vaping. But nowadays, you can find a large number of tanks that detach in smaller parts just to make sure that the cleaning process will be easier for you.

Therefore, when your tank is empty you have to detach it in smaller parts. This means you can take all the parts and soak them in hot water for a few seconds. Another method is to soak them in hot water and a little bit of soap, while other use just cold water. There are people who use to gently rinse the parts of the tank just to make sure that they`re cleaned and there are no residues left.

After you soaked the parts in water, you can put them on a dry cloth in order to allow them to dry. Do not forget that usually, it takes a good amount of hours for the parts of the tank to dry, so you can wash them in the evening and allow them to dry overnight. Another solution may be to use two tanks and while you`re cleaning one of them you can still use the other one. There are also people who use a blow dryer just to make sure that the parts are dried fast and easy.

After you cleaned all the parts of your tank is time to assemble them back. This is the time when you can place new coil and add some fresh liquid. If you don`t know how to assemble or disassemble your tank you can find the steps in videos, web pages or user manuals that are available online. You can also use the method of drawing yourself a diagram when disassembling your tank and then just check the diagram.

Cleaning your mod

Cleaning a mod is not that complicated. For instance, there are different mods that use to be fingerprint magnets. You just need to get a dry smooth cloth and remove the fingerprints easily. This will depend on the type of the mod and the finish of it. Normally the shiny finish requires more attention than the matte finish.

You also have to check your 510 connection as there are many cases when the dirt or the juice gets in there. You can use any dry cloth or paper towel that will help you easily clean your connection. There are many people who use Isopropyl Alcohol on cotton swabs and they clean the connections. This is how they make sure that the connection is not only cleaned but also disinfected. You can apply whichever method you want, as long as you work gently.

For mods that have detachable batteries, you can check for dirt and dust in the battery chamber as well. You can use a dry cloth or paper towel that will help you clean the area. You can clean even the battery itself with a cotton swab or with a paper towel.

It`s not a hard task to keep your mod clean. And once the mod it`s always clean, you`ll get a lot of advantages by your side. This means your mod will simply work better and it will have a longer lifespan. It is clear that there are a lot of cleaning options available around so your task is just to choose the most convenient for you and your mod. So, how about you? When was the last time you`ve cleaned your mod?

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