The Best Names in Dry Herb Vaporizers

Mig Vapor is a brand that usually tops best-of lists. This domination comes from the fact that they make devices for e-liquids, herbs, and concentrates. Very few companies have the same versatility as Mig Vapor.

It comes as no surprise then that Mig Vapor also dominates our list. They have three devices here, with varying degrees of ability and vapor quality. The Herb-E got some attention earlier. The other two vaporizers, the DRAY and the Pro 50 Combustor also deserve a look.

Storz and Bickel is another well-known name in the herb vaping game. They created the gold-standard in desktop vaporizers with their Volcano. But they also have other devices, both hand-held, and desktop that can match the Volcano.

Grenco Science makes an appearance here with their flagship vaporizer, the G-Pen Elite. The Elite uses precision temperature control and has a futuristic, ergonomic shape.

Our List of Top-Ranked Marijuana Vaporizers in 2019

The Best Value Vaporizer

1 The Mig Vapor DRAY

Our Favorite Vaporizer for Dry Herb

mig vapor dray


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
Temperature Control:
385°F - 430°F, Precise
Charge Time:
1-2 hours
Dry Herb Chamber Capacity:
.5 g
  • Compatibility: herbs

The Mig Vapor DRAY is for herbs only, and it features precision temperature control. The dry herb vaporizer uses a 1800mAh battery and can reach a high temperature of 430F.

It has an all-quartz heating chamber covered by the magnetic mouthpiece. The front of the device features an OLED screen. The display allows users to adjust their temperature. It also displays battery life.

The mouthpiece is plastic and fits securely onto the chamber. There are three red buttons along the side of the mod. One is the power button. The other two control the temperature. The battery uses USB charging, and the vaporizer vibrates to notify when it is ready to vape.

We Like

  • User-controlled temperature settings
  • Soft, rubberized exterior
  • All-quartz heating chamber
  • The highest temperature is 430F

We Don`t Like

  • Vapes only dry herbs
  • A lot of cleaning and maintenance

The Most Powerful Pocket Vaporizer

2 Pro 50 Combustor

One of the Best Fine-Tuning Weed Vape Pen

Pro 50 Combustor img


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
1600 mAh
Under 50W
Vaporizer Compatibility:
Dabs and Waxes, Dry Herbs
  • Compatibility: herbs
  • Compatibility: wax

The Pro 50 Combustor from Mig Vapor is a combination mod and tank unit for dry herbs. The device consists of the Pro 50 mod, and the Sub-Herb Black tank, which has 510-threading. The tank is compatible with other 510-mods.

The mod has a capacity of 1600mAh and can output a max of 50W. It features a bottom-LED display that controls the device’s settings. The cell has two buttons built-into the side lip that users depress to either raise or decrease wattage. It also has safety features like an automatic shut-off time.

There is a USB port for charging right next to the bottom of the device. Up top, the Sub-Herb dry herb tank has a mix of ceramic and porcelain in its oven. It has an outer glass shell and adjustable airflow vents.

We Like

  • Unique, two-piece design (tank and mod)
  • Variable wattage control
  • Powerful vapor
  • The tank is compatible with other mods

We Don`t Like

  • Max wattage output of 50W too much for herbs
  • Low risk of burning material

Compact Dry Herb Vaporizer

3 The Herb-E from Mig Vapor

Sleek and Discreet. Portable and Productive Vaporizer

Herb-e Micro img


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
1200 mAh
Vaporizer Compatibility:
Dry Herbs
Heat Up Time:
20 - 30 seconds
Charge Time:
1-2 hours
Temperature Control:
  • Compatibility: herbs

The Herb-E uses a convection heating-style to vape botanical material. The device has a two-piece mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is also the top cap of the chamber underneath. The mouthpiece stays in place with a magnetic connection.

There is only one button on the unit. Users can cycle between temperatures using this button. The dry herb vaporizer has front-LED “eyes” that light up according to the temperature level.

If the “eyes” are yellow, that is the lowest setting which is 400°F. If the lights glow red, that is the “angry” mode, which is a temperature of 430°F. The Herb-E uses USB charging.

We Like

  • Compact, portable form factor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Good vapor production

We Don`t Like

  • Only two temperature settings
  • Chamber difficult to load sometimes

The Easiest to Use Vaporizer

4 The G-Pen Elite

Well Made, Perfectly Portable, Impressive Volume of Vapor

G Pen Elite Vaporizer img


Temperature Control:
Display Type:
Vaporizer Compatibility:
Dry Herbs
  • Compatibility: herbs

The G-Pen Elite is a dry-herb unit with an adjustable temperature control via an LED display. Grenco Science, the makers of the Elite, built the LED into the device’s bottom section. There are also two selector buttons next to the screen. The temperature range on the device is 200°F to the max of 428°F.

The Elite has a compact, portable form factor. It stands 4.5 inches tall and weighs only about 3 ounces. It has a central power button on its front that activates the device. The unit features an all-ceramic, heating oven.

The ceramic element surrounds the material in the chamber to provide even heating. The Elite uses a conduction heating method, but it has aspects of convection as well.

We Like

  • Sleek, ergonomic form factor
  • The LED display allows for temp control
  • Large temperature range (200°F-428°F)
  • 30-second heat-up time
  • Chamber fits up to .75 g of ground material

We Don`t Like

  • Low flavor quality
  • Inefficient use of material

Best Desktop Vaporizer

5 The Volcano

The Outstanding Efficiency and Performance

storz & bickel volcano


Storz & Bickel
Heat Up Time:
3 minutes
Temperature Control:
266F - 439F
20 х 18 х 20 cm
Filling Chamber:
6.5 cm³
  • Compatibility: herbs

The Volcano is a desktop unit for vaping herbs and waxes. The unit comes in two versions, an analog (Volcano Classic) and a digital (Volcano Digit). The analog has a knob on the front that lets users change the temperature based on numerical values.

The digital has an LED display and a temperature range of 104F to 446F. The analog reaches temperatures between 266F and 446F. Both versions share the same convection heating style. The two devices also have the same high-quality materials.

The Volcano has a ceramic heating element, housed in a stainless steel chassis. It also uses an aluminum block for heat transfer. The Volcano can output a maximum of 100W. It supports both styles of inhalation- whip and balloon.

Users can also choose between two valve types. The Easy Valve is easy-to-use but costs more. The Solid valve is harder to use, but cheaper, as it saves on having to buy balloons.

We Like

  • Unmatched vapor production and quality
  • Well-built from high-end materials
  • Supports both whip and balloon-style inhalation
  • Vapes both herbs and waxes (waxes with special liquid insert)

We Don`t Like

  • Expensive
  • Long heat-up time
  • A bit loud and bulky

Weed Vapes Explained

The best vaporizers for weed feature either one of three things:

  • A conduction or convection heating method (sometimes both)
  • Precision or preset temperature settings
  • They are hand-held portable devices or desktop units only for home-use

The differences between conduction and convection are:

  • Conduction heating occurs when the material comes in direct contact with a heat source, creating vapor
  • Convection heating refers to when heated air passes through and around a substance, making vapor

In conduction vaporizers, the vapor is more voluminous and has a harder throat hit. Conduction units do not feature adjustable temperature controls, as it is hard to be precise with that style of heating.

In convection vaporizers, the vapor is smoother, better-tasting. Convection vaporizers produce smaller clouds. There is a more efficient use of material and low-risk of combustion.

Dry Herb Vaporizers: Precision vs Preset

Temperature control on a dry herb vaporizer is a much sought-after feature. Users want the ability to set the temperature according to their preferences. Smoking does not provide that accuracy, but vaping does.

All the best weed vapes feature temperature control in one of two ways:

  • Preset temperature settings are levels set by the manufacturer and accessed by the user through a single button on the device
  • Precision temperature control includes a user interface (LCD, LED or OLED screen, control buttons) to allow vapers to set an exact temperature for their session

Preset units appeal to beginners. They are simple and do not ask so much of the user. Vapers only need to use the vaporizer power button to access the different levels. They either long-hold the button or click it five times.

Preset vapes also have some indicator, like an LED array that changes color to show temperature and battery level. The advantages to preset models:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost less
  • More durable

Disadvantages are:

  • Limited vapor-quality range
  • No customization
  • Inefficient use of material

Precision control models are what experienced weed vapers prefer. The best weed vaporizers allow users this luxury.


Temperature control is essential for weed vaping for one reason: avoiding combustion.

With preset temperatures and conduction ovens, the material is at risk of burning. There is no such risk with real-time temperature control. Users can play around with each setting and find their preferred one.

Precision control machines are often paired with convection ovens, so vapers get:

  • Efficient use of material
  • Quality vapor
  • No risk of combustion

The problems with these more advanced units are:

  • They make a lot of noise (desktop vaporizers)
  • They cost a lot
  • They are more fragile and more prone to breaking

Herbal Vaporizers: Portable vs Desktop

Portable dry herb vaporizers were not the first machines for marijuana vaping. Desktop vaporizers pioneered the method. Table-top units like the Volcano, which came out in 2000, were the first to vape weed.

A version of the Volcano exists today, but there are many other comparable models. Because they are stationary, desktops can offer users much more than portable units.

The Volcano, to take an example from this list, comes in two versions, an analog and a digital. On the analog, users control the temperature via a knob on the front of the unit. The digital uses an LED readout for precision control.

One common feature among all stationary vaporizers is their inhalation style. Users inhale vapor from a desktop by either:

  • A whip or tube made of silicone or heat-resistant plastic
  • A balloon filled with vapor

These two styles are the most popular. Dry herb vaporizers feature both methods on the same unit, while others only feature one or the other. Whip-style inhalation is more for single use, where a balloon is for more than one vaper at a time.

Desktop vaporizers, aside from the inhalation-style, also differ from hand-held vapes because of all they can offer:

  • Many, but not all, stationary units can vape both herbs, and essential oils or waxes
  • Table-top vaporizers do not use batteries, so they never run out of power
  • Stationary vapes can also provide aromatherapy by releasing vapor into the air

Like with portables, desktop units also have differences among them. Dry herb vaporizers offer accurate temperature settings. Other ones use predetermined levels, and temperature dials instead of LEDs and up/down buttons.

The top-shelf desktop units feature hybrid heating styles. They also use quality build materials like stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and quartz.

Inexpensive desktop models use one method of heating. They also feature the same all-ceramic heating elements common to portable units. Temperature control on budget desktops comes via a knob or dial.

What is a portable dry herb vaporizer main advantage over a stationary device? Hint: the answer is in the name. They are portable. They are shrunken down versions of all the things a desktop vaporizer can do that can fit in a pocket.

Where to Buy Dry Herb Devices

For the most selection, best prices, and discounts on herb vaping gear, online vendors are the way to go. Online stores will not only carry the best dry herb vape equipment but all the accessories too.

Dry flower vaping demands things like grinders, brushes, cleaning tools, containers, and other things. Online shops will have all that and more. Local vape shops tend to cater to e-liquid vapers. But it is not impossible to find decent units at brick-and-mortar vape stores. They will usually carry the most expensive, name-brand models so beware.

Of course, smoke and tobacco shops also carry specific weed vaping devices. They also have only the most top-shelf gear, but they are also good places to get accessories like grinders, filters, and water pipes.

What Does 2019 Look Like for Dry Herb Vaping?

Do you agree with our list of the best weed vapes of 2019? Were any of your favorite devices on this list? Were there any units you wanted to see on our list? Let us know your thoughts about the best weed vaporizers of 2019 in the comments section underneath.

The dry herb vaporizers on this list run the range from simple and portable, to advanced and stationary. They appeal to many different skill and experience levels.

These devices are also well-priced for the quality vapor they produce. If these devices with their quality materials, hybrid heating methods are the best of 2019, one must wonder what 2019 has in store for dry herb vapers.

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