What are Best Vapes?

“Vapes” is short for vaporizers. It is an informal word for describing vaping devices, like e-cigarettes and cig-a-likes. Vapes can also refer to units for dry herbs, and oil or wax concentrates, as well as all starter kits.

Whatever the material, a vape has these essential parts:

  • A battery
  • A tank or loading chamber
  • A heating element or coil/wick atomizer

Vaping units can come in many shapes and sizes, but they all contain these three necessary components. With these basics covered, units begin to get divided depending on the material a user wants to vape.

Our Picks for the Best Vapes of 2019

1 Mig Cig Standard E-Cig Starter Kit

The Best E-Cig Starter Kit for New Vapers

mig ciig standard kit


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
280 mAh
Tank Capacity:
~200 puffs
Build Material:
Stainless steel/Plastic
not specified
Max Power Output:
not specified
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Mig Cig Standard E-Cig starter kit comes with two, 4.3 inch, rechargeable batteries. It also includes ten flavor cartridges, in two packs of five. Users can choose between automatic (no button) or manual (buttons) cells for their e-cig.

The cells have a consistent output of 4.2V. They use either USB charging or a wall adapter; Mig Vapor includes both in the kit. The batteries come in five different color options.

Mig Vapor also offers the best option of choosing blank cartridges. Nicotine strengths for the pre-filled cartridges run from zero nicotine to 24mg.

We Like

  • Small, lightweight shape
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast charging
  • Manual and automatic battery options

We Don`t Like

  • Low vapor production
  • Limited flavor options

2 Mig Vapor DRAY

Best Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

mig vapor dray


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
Temperature Control:
385°F - 430°F, Precise
Charge Time:
1-2 hours
Dry Herb Chamber Capacity:
.5 g
  • Compatibility: herbs

The Mig Vapor DRAY is a dry herb vaporizer with precision temperature control. The DRAY features a large, all-quartz heating chamber. Its heating element is also all-quartz.

The unit has a flat, and long form factor, making it ergonomic. The mouthpiece is plastic and attaches magnetically to the device. The chamber sits underneath the mouthpiece. Inside, the DRAY features a 1800mAh battery.

There is a front OLED display that allows for temperature control in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also shows battery life. Three buttons on the side control the screen. The exterior is soft and rubberized for a secure grip. The vape notifies through vibration feedback.

We Like

  • All-quartz heating chamber
  • Precision temperature control
  • Highest temperature of 435F
  • USB charging
  • Hybrid heating (convection and conduction)

We Don`t Like

  • Too much draw resistance
  • Mouthpiece gets warm

3 The Vaporesso Polar 220W Starter Kit

Best Box Mod for Advanced Users

Vaporesso Polar 220W img


$48.95 $89.99
45 х 28 х 144mm
Battery Capacity:
2 х 18650
5 - 220W
Box Mod Resistance:
0.03Ω - 5Ω
Thread Size:
Tank Capacity:
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Vaporesso Polar is a new, dual-18650 vape with an advanced Omni 4.0 chipset. The mod has an output range of between 5 and 220W. It features an aluminum alloy chassis.

The battery door, which is on the other side of the screen, is magnetic. There is a large, side-firing button. The vape uses a four-button control scheme. The user interface is a 2 inch TFT screen on the front of the mod.

A gold-plated 510 connection sits atop the mod. The vape’s chip allows for smart, variable wattage vaping that suggests an ideal setting. Users can also vape in curve mode for wattage and temperature. The Omni 4.0 also enables temperature control mode. The Polar kit includes the Cascade sub-ohm tank, which can hold 6.5ml of e-juice.

We Like

  • Omni 4.0 chipset allows for advanced vaping
  • Sleek, stylish exterior
  • Big, easy-to-navigate display
  • Comes with Cascade tank

We Don`t Like

  • Battery door slips off
  • Buttons get stuck sometimes

4 Mig Vapor Morpheus

Best Tube Mod

Morpheus Vape Mod img


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
3000 mAh
Tank Capacity:
3 mL
Thread Size:
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Morpheus is the best high-powered tube mod for e-liquids from Mig Vapor. The mod has a sturdy, but lightweight, carbon-fiber exterior. The cell section comes in two colors, black, and silver.

There is a single, firing/power button on the vape front side, under the tank section. The battery has a 3000mAh capacity. It can output a max 100W of power. The Morpheus tank can hold 3ml of e-liquid. Two sub-ohm coils come in the kit, a 0.2ohm, and 0.4ohm.

The tank also features adjustable airflow control. It consists of glass and stainless steel throughout its construction. With the tank attached the Morpheus measures around 4.3 inches.

We Like

  • Sturdy, well-built exterior
  • Sub-ohm capabilities
  • Excellent cloud production
  • Easy-to-use, one-button operation

We Don`t Like

  • No adjustable settings

5 Mig Vapor SR-72

Best Vape Pen

Mig Vapor SR-72 img


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
1300 mAh
Tank Capacity:
2.4 mL
Ecig Type:
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Mig Vapor SR-72 is the best e-liquid pen that uses a 1300mAh battery and a 2.4ml tank to vape e-juice. The device has a single button to control the vape’s functions. Upgrades to both the battery and tank are available. Vapers can opt for a 1600mAh “Twist” battery that has an adjustable dial on the bottom to change voltage. The regular cells can output 4.2V. The Twist batteries output 4.8V.

The tank uses bottom vertical coils and is bottom fill. There are no adjustable airflow slots. The battery comes in four color options, black, stainless steel, rainbow, and satin blue. There is a LED ring behind the single firing button. The light shows the battery level, and when the device finishes charging. Mig Vapor includes a USB charging cable and wall adapter in the kit.

We Like

  • Upgrades available to higher-capacity batteries and glass tanks
  • Tanks and batteries have eGo threading
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Compact, portable design

We Don`t Like

  • Unattractive exterior design

6 Kandypens Rubi

Best Pod Mod

Rubi Kandypens img


100 x 17 x 8.5 mm
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
1 mL
Battery Capacity:
280 mAh
Charge Time:
1-2 hours
  • Compatibility: oil
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

This open-system vape device comes with a universal micro-USB and a 1 ml empty pod. Touted as the best oil vape by the Vape guide, this gadget is more ergonomic and larger than the JUUL(its closest competitor).

Unlike other vape devices of its caliber, Ruby Kandypens comes with a larger juice capacity, long battery life (280mAh) and allows for more airflow. According to Kandypens, the battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

The 4 inches tall device with a feather-light build perfectly fits into the pocket allowing the user to vape on the go. The temperature regulation capabilities allow users to maintain the ideal temperature for oil and liquid vaporization.

We Like

  • Less charging time - 1,5 hour
  • Draw activated - Power button not needed

We Don`t Like

  • Needs to be primed before use

7 Aspire Breeze 2

Best All-in-One Vape Mod

breeze 2 kit red


$23.95 $30.95
Battery Capacity:
1000 mAh
96 х 32 х 19 mm
Tank Capacity:
2 mL
Thread Size:
Resistance of Coil:
1.0 ohm / 0.6 ohm
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Aspire Breeze 2 is a new all-in-one vape that can hold either 2ml or 3ml of e-juice. The device stands at close to 3.8 inches, and the internal battery has a 1000mAh capacity.

The Breeze is aluminum alloy throughout. It has a plastic mouthpiece cover and a chimney in its pod section where users install their coils. There are two pod-release buttons on the vape’s side that release the pod from the battery section.

There is a single, firing/power button on the Breeze’s front. An LED light in the pod also indicates battery level with three different colors. The pods are bottom fill, and the kit comes with two coils. There is one sub-ohm, 0.6ohm coil, and an MTL 1.0ohm coil as well.

We Like

  • Refillable pods
  • Sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung capable
  • USB charging
  • Excellent vapor production

We Don`t Like

  • Pod leaks sometimes
  • Difficult to remove coils

8 WASP Wax Vape Pen

Best Wax Vape Pen

WASP Wax Vape Pen img


Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
Temperature Control:
400F and 455F
Charge Time:
1-2 hours
Heat Up Time:
2-3 second
Resistance of Coil:
  • Compatibility: wax

Dab Pen WASP Wax Air Vape Pen is pretty small in size but packs in quite a punch. It offers great power and taste and can be picked in two colors. It has a 900 mAh battery that charges quickly. Other items include a carborundum coil, a wireless charger. The kit comes in a beautiful and neatly packed gift box.

The vape kit is a good product for new users as it comes with complete instructions on how to use it. Maintaining the kit is also very easy. Plus, a 90-day warranty is also there for additional security.

We Like

  • Heats up in just three seconds
  • The carborundum coil offers a good hit while protecting the kit
  • Suitable for both thin and thick waxes
  • Charges in only two hours

We Don`t Like

  • Only comes in 2 colors

9 Innokin Zenith MTL Tank

Best Tank Overall for MTL and Rich Flavor

Innokin Zenith MTL Tank img


24.7 mm (D) x 53.2 mm (L)
Tank Capacity:
Drip Tip:
510, Mouth to Lung
Thread Size:
Resistance of Coil:
0.8 / 1.6 ohm
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

Available in steel, purple, black and red, this is one of the better products from Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis.

This mouth-to-lung tank offers great safety and ease of use. With just an inch in size, it is among the smallest MTL tanks out there. It comes with five airflow holes, each 0.04 inches in size, and offers great customization as well. Users can choose from two coils – a pre-installed Kanthal 1.6-ohm coil and a spare Kanthal 0.8-ohm coil.

We Like

  • No risk of flooding or leaks
  • Coils are easy to change
  • Very dense and good quality vapor

We Don`t Like

  • The glass cannot be replaced
  • May whistle at times

10 Naked 100 E-Juice

Best Vape Juice for Vapor Quality and Satisfying Throat Hit

naked 100 lava flow e-juice


Bottle Size:
60 mL
PG/VG Ratio:
Nicotine Strength:
3mg / 6mg

Naked-100 is a great product from Schwartz E-Liquids. The lineup, with a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, is known for fruity flavors that offer a great hit. However, vapers find some other unique flavors as well including Menthol, Tobacco, Fusion, Cream, and Salt. All the flavors are different in their own way.

It is available in a 60ml bottle with various nicotine strengths (0mg-12mg). Some of the best options include Lava Flow, Very Berry, Hawaiian Pog, Maui Sun, Amazing Mango, etc.

All the juices have multiple tastes as they include several fruits and not one. However, in most cases, one taste stands out.

We Like

  • Tropical flavors that taste like real juice
  • Available in 0% nicotine, too, for users who want to stay away from nicotine
  • Available in over two dozen flavors
  • The bottle looks very clean

We Don`t Like

  • Only 60ml bottles are available

Vapes Based on Vaping Material

The best vape is the “best” based on what it vaporizes and how well it does it. Three materials are the most popular:

  • E-liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, flavorings and nicotine that fills an e-cigarette tank or cartomizer so users can vape it
  • Dry herbs are ground-up, plant material (usually cannabis) that users can load into a chamber and heat to create vapor, rather than combusting and smoking the substance
  • Oil/wax concentrates are THC or CBD-based extracts, waxy or oily in appearance that users can load into pens (some oils come in pre-filled cartridges) and vaporize

Each material has its own needs and requirements that its vape tries to tackle. Every vaper has their criteria of what the best vape should be able to do as well.

E-Liquids: Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-Lung

E-liquid vaping divides into two categories:

  • Mouth-to-lung or MTL refers to how vapers inhale their vapor (mouth-then-lungs), which is the style that most resembles smoking a cigarette. MTL vapers prefer standard or high PG e-juices, and low-wattage vapes with high-resistance coils that deliver a noticeable throat hit
  • Direct-lung, or DL, is another method of inhaling (directly into the lungs) that is common for sub-ohm tanks, coils, and mods, DL vapers prefer high-VG e-juice, high-wattage vapes with low-resistance coils to produce large vapor clouds

From here, there are e-liquid vapes and starter kit that cater to both styles. Take box mods, for example. These are high-powered, advanced vaping machines.

If someone is using one, this means they want lots of power, control, and huge plumes of vapor. They want the intense experience that box mods offer, which is what makers build their vapes to do.

Manufacturers outfit their high-performing mods with adjustable power and temperature settings, sophisticated chipsets, and high-quality build materials. On the other hand, if someone is looking for a low-intensity vape, they would try something like a vape pen or pod mod.

These models are heavy on flavor and low on clouds. These vapes make less of a statement, in terms of cloud-making, but they still deliver satisfying vapor. Pod mods and vape pens have smaller capacity tanks and batteries. They are much more compact and easier-to-use than box mods.

Only, they do not deliver the same level of customization that box mods offer. They do not have adjustable settings or downloadable firmware that box mods are famous for having. Between these two extremes, though, are e-liquid vaping devices that are capable of both styles.

Dry Herbs: Convection vs. Conduction

Dry herb vaporizers are split between two heating types:

  • Conduction, which vaporizes material through direct contact with a ceramic, quartz or stainless steel heating element, and produces thicker, more voluminous clouds
  • Convection, which passes hot air through plant material to create vapor that is smoother, and more flavorful than conduction-style units

There are distinctions other than heating style to consider among weed vaporizers. For dry herb lovers, units can also either be:

  • Portable or for home-use only (desktop units)
  • Have preset or adjustable temperature settings
  • Vape both herbs and waxes or only herbs

Oil and Concentrates: Better than Herb Vaping?

Oil and wax concentrates are pure THC or CBD, the two active ingredients of the marijuana plant, in oil or wax form. Depending on the extraction process, THC or CBD can take on different colors, textures, and consistencies.

Oil and wax are the most common. The advantages of concentrates vaping include:

  • No plant material (stems, seeds, etc.) is present in the vapor
  • Concentrates are much more potent than traditional flowers
  • They are versatile; people can vape them, take them orally or include them in edible products (in the case of oils)
  • CBD oil is, unlike THC oil, non-psychoactive, so it does not produce a high. Instead, users vape CBD for health and therapeutic reasons.

Vapers turn to oil and wax pens to vape these new substances. Concentrates vapes are different from herb pens for many reasons:

  1. Because of the substance, oil and wax pens are much smaller, portable and discreet than herb vape pens
  2. Distillate pens also do not have precise temperature control but use preset temperatures, usually between 2-4, to vape concentrates
  3. They use either a coil/rod atomizer or a flat, disc-shaped heating element to vape concentrates, which are different from dry herb heating ovens

Best Vape Brands to Watch

best vape brands

One brand on this list that excels in creating vapes for all three vaping media is Mig Vapor. They have four vapes on this list for a reason. Of the four, three are e-liquid devices that come in starter kits, and one is the DRAY as mentioned earlier, which is a dry herb unit. Mig Vapor also makes concentrates pens.

Why is Mig Vapor consistently top-rated? They make quality products. Mig Vapor’s vapes have everything that vapers want and look for in any vape: reliability, durability, and performance.

Vaporesso is a giant in the e-liquid world. They make only e-juice vapes, but they are some of the most advanced mods out there. The OMNI board is the proprietary chipset that Vaporesso installs in all its units. The OMNI is also one of the most sophisticated in all vaping.

The Juul, ever since its release in 2015 has dominated the e-cigarette industry. It is an e-cigarette that uses pods, pre-filled with nicotine salts. The makers of the Juul, Pax Labs, also makes a Juul-like device for vaping oils, the Era.

What to Look for in a Best Vape

Anyone looking into getting a vaporizer, or a starter kit must first know what they want to vape. As we have explained, deciding on the vaping material determines what vape it will need.

Whether someone is entirely new to any kind of vaping is also something to consider.
Starter kits for e-liquid, dry herbs, and wax pens would be the place to start for new vapers.
Starter kits are more focused toward e-cigs, though. They come fully-accessorized, so vapers have everything they need to use and maintain their vapes.

Whereas, herb and wax units are self-contained. They have no, or few, removable sections and have all their vital parts already inside the vape, which also makes them easy-to-use.

The best bet would be to:

  • Decide on either e-liquid, dry herbs, or oils and waxes
  • Start with beginner vapes or starter kits, like cig-a-likes, or for herbs and waxes, pens that have few user controls or input
  • Look for quality build materials, no plastics, glue or cheap metals
  • Find reasonably priced items
  • Read up on brands and vapes

Prices for the Best Vapes in 2019: Take Your Pick!

Category 📋 Best Vapes 🔥 Price 💲 Best Place to Buy 🛒
Best E-Cig for Switchers Mig Cig Standard E-Cig Kit $59.95 Buy Mig Cig Standard Kit
Best Pocketable Vaporizer Mig Vapor DRAY $149.95 Buy Mig Vapor DRAY
Best Mid-Priced Vape Mod Vaporesso Polar 220W $48.95 Buy Vaporesso Polar 220W
Tube Mod for Sub-Ohm Vaping Mig Vapor Morpheus $69.95 Buy Morpheus by Mig Vapor
Easy-to-use Vape Pen Mig Vapor SR-72 $59.95 Buy SR-72
Pod Vape Both For E-liquids and Oils Kandypens Rubi $49.95 Buy Kandypens Rubi
Best Starter Kit for Flavor Quality Aspire Breeze 2 $23.95 Buy Aspire Breeze 2
Powerful and Simple Wax Vape Pen WASP Wax Vape Pen $59.95 Buy WASP Wax Vape Pen
Best MTL Vaping Experience Innokin Zenith $28 Buy Innokin Zenith
Best Vape Juice Taste Lava Flow by NKD 100 $13.99 Buy Lava Flow

Buying the Best Vape

Vapes are available from many different outlets. All the vapes listed here can be bought both online and in-stores. They can also come from the manufacturer direct, like in the case of Mig Vapor and the Juul.

Online vendors often offer special discounts and promos for individual vapes. They also offer extras and upgrades for products and ship very fast.

Brick-and-mortar shops are also good places to buy gear. Shops offer the advantage of having someone answer questions to help find the right vape. Vape shop prices might be a little higher, but not always so be sure to do research and make price comparisons.

Best Vapes: Only the Beginning

Did you enjoy our list of the best vapes of 2019? Do you already have any of the vapes on our list? Was there anything that you didn’t see on the list that you wanted to see? Let us know in the comments section what was the best vape of 2019 for you?

All the vapes here are a mix of different styles, materials, and characteristics. They cover a wide range of capabilities and functions. They are all well-priced compared to their performance and quality. The Vaporesso Polar represents the best of high-tech mods, with its brand new Omni 4.0 chipset.

The Juul and Morpheus sit at opposite ends of the pen-style spectrum and are more like starter kits. The Juul is sleight, and compact, whereas the Morpheus is big, bulky and high-powered. The DRAY has adjustable temperature settings, but they are so easy-to-use, no one would say it is an advanced vape.

The middle space that these vapes occupy regarding their abilities and performance is why they are the best. They all have something for everyone.

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