Pod mods are no longer the simple vape that they used to be with pre-filled pod and automatic battery. They now can offer users different power levels, empty, refillable pod for multiple uses and larger battery capacity.

Pod vapes now have something to offer mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vapers as well, as some starter pod mods come with two coil types. Users can also now adjust the vapor airflow, and even use the software to fine-tune their vape. To find the right vape pod, do some background reading about the various products that are available.

The Year’s Best Pod Vapes aka Juul Alternatives Ranked

1 Lost Vape Quest Orion Q Kit

A Versatile, High-Quality Pod Vape

lost vape orion q blue


$38.95 $49.99
Lost Vape
Battery Capacity:
Drip Tip:
Mouth to Lung
Resistance of Coil:
1.0 ohm
Charge Time:
45 minute
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

Why is this mod one of the best vape pods of the year?

The Quest Orion Q is a pod mod that features a unique design and high-quality materials. It has a powerful 950 mah cell, 17W-watt output, and the mod can last for 2,000 puffs.

The Quest Orion Q is a compact and portable pod vape that is great for those who are always on the go. Included in the package is a lanyard which can be used to secure it to a belt or purse. The pod can carry up to .3 ml of juice, and the airflow can be adjusted. These are the reasons why it tops out on this list of best pod vapes.

Before buying a pod mod, please note that it cannot be used with the .25 ohm DNA Go pods. They can only be used with the .5 DNA Go pods.

We Like

  • Two pods offer different vaping styles (MTL and DL)
  • Three power settings
  • More economical than the Orion DNA GO
  • Long-lasting
  • An excellent choice for nic salt vaping

We Don`t Like

  • The pods are not compatible with Orion DNA GO and vice-versa

2 Uwell Caliburn Kit

A Dual-Use Device With 11W Output

uwell caliburn


Battery Capacity:
520 mAh
11 W
Box Mod Resistance:
1.2-1.5 ohm
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
Build Material:
Aluminum-alloy chassis
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Uwell Caliburn is one of the best pod mods because it has push-to-fire and draw activated firing options. It is powered by a 520 mah battery that should last most of the day depending on the level of usage, and it is constructed from lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy.

The device also uses Pro-FOCS technology to improve the mini vape’s flavor, and it recycles the airflow to condense the flavor. The Caliburn can hold up to 2 ml of liquid, and the coils offer 1.4-ohm resistance.

We Like

  • Excellent vapor production
  • A high battery capacity
  • Fast charging time
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Very easy-to-use

We Don`t Like

  • Pod requires some practice to remove instantly
  • A lack of different coil options

3 SMOK Nord Kit

A Ton of Features for A Small Pod Mod

smok nord


$27.95 $40.95
Battery Capacity:
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
3 mL
94 × 30 × 18.8 mm
10 - 15W
Resistance of Coil:
1.4ohm (MTL) / 0.6ohm (DTL)
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Smok Nord is one of the best vape pods out there thanks to its amazing cell.

One of the best mini vapes of the year, the Smok Nord is an AIO pod-based kit that has a powerful 1,100 mah battery and a 3 ml pod guaranteed to last the entirety of the day. It has a power output range of 10 to 15 watts, and it also has an LED light that shows how the battery is doing.

The Smok pod vape comes with custom-made coils, a 1.4-ohm coil that can handle salt e-juices and mouth-to-lung vaping and a .6 ohm mech coil for regular e-juices and direct lung vaping.

It does not leak, and it has a mouthpiece that is curved so that it fits the mouth comfortably. It is also available with different color options, such as black, rainbow, and red.

We Like

  • Huge battery capacity
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Supports MTL and DL vaping
  • Many color options available
  • Good vapor quality

We Don`t Like

  • The cell can auto-fire sometimes

4 VooPoo Drag Nano Kit

A Miniature, Pod Version of a Classic Mod

Voopoo Drag Nano pod image


$18.88 $33.95
54.5 x 35 x 11 mm
Battery Capacity:
750 mAh
Charge Time:
1.5 -3 hours
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
1 mL
Resistance of Coil:
1.8 ohm
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Nano pod kit did not join our list of best pod mods without good reason.

The VooPoo Drag Nano is the first pod vape in the drag series. It uses a highly advanced GENE Pod Chip to get the device’s atomizer working more quickly so it can be vaped sooner than usual. The vape is draw activated, it is screenless, which allows for longer battery life, and there are no buttons. The only thing on the body is an indicator light that flashes green, blue, and red. Because it uses a 750 mah battery that can last 350 puffs, it can be used for most of the day or more. The pod has 1 ml capacity. Finally, the pod is available in various colors, including but not limited to Klein blue, Ceylon yellow, and fiesta.

We Like

  • Unique, innovative build design
  • Easy-to-us
  • High power capacity
  • Well-built from high-quality materials (zinc and aluminum alloy)
  • Good vapor quality

We Don`t Like

  • Low e-juice capacity
  • Pod might be difficult to fill on-the-go

5 Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

A Stylish and Easy-to-Use Pod Mod

Mi-Pod image


$31.95 $49.99
Battery Capacity:
51 x 13.5 x 60 mm
Resistance of Coil:
1.3 ohms
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

Why is it one of the best refillable pod mod with pods

The Mi-Pod is a pod vape kit that is a portable and compact unit that has a 950 mah cell powerful enough to last nine to ten hours depending on how often it is used. Another great feature that this leakless pod vape has is that it uses an oil and air separated system to ensure the best possible airflow.

It supports both refillable and disposable pods, has manual and auto-draw modes, three color light indicators, and a holding capacity of 2 ml of e-liquid. When a draw is taken off the Mi-Pod, the mouthpiece glows splendidly because of the indicator light. Choose from over a dozen colors, including rainbow red, silver metal, and royal plum.

We Like

  • Very easy-to-use
  • Small, portable and discrete form factor
  • Adjustable airflow hole
  • Many different color and style options
  • Good for nic-salt vaping
  • Long-lasting

We Don`t Like

  • Pod might leak sometimes

6 Suorin Air V2

A Slim, Easy-to-Carry Pod Vape

Suorin Air Kit Suorin Air Kit 3Suorin Air Kit 2Suorin Air Kit 1


88 x 45 x 8 mm
Box Mod Type:
Battery Capacity:
400 mAh
Pod Cartridge Capacity:
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

This is one of the best refillable pod systems on the market today.

The Suorin Air V2 is one of the refillable pod mod with pods because it will phase out the very successful Suorin Air V1 model. It is made with high-quality and durable aluminum, it is lightweight and portable, and it is available in many colors like black, silver, and diamond blue.

Suorin Air uses a USB rechargeable 400 mah battery that should last several hours, a magnetic thread connection, and it is draw-activated. The suorin also has 16 watts of power output, 2 ml of e-liquid capacity, and it also has 1.2 ohms of atomizer resistance.

We Like

  • Large battery capacity
  • Large e-juice capacity
  • Easy-to-use
  • Small, compact and portable size
  • No buttons

We Don`t Like

  • The pods leak sometimes

7 MOTI Vape

An Ultra-Refined, Ultra-Modern Pod Mod

MOTI Vape Pod image


$27.95 $29.99
Battery Capacity:
500 mAh
Charge Time:
50 minutes
115 x 20 x 10mm
Tank Capacity:
1.8 mL
Resistance of Coil:
1.2 - 1.5 ohm
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Moti Vape is one of the best vape pods because it is a portable device measuring 4.5 inches in length that can fit comfortably in the hand. It has an oval shaped design that allows it to fit between one’s fingers as would a cigar or cigarette. This draw activated vape is powered by a 500 mah cell that can last between 500 and 600 puffs before needing to be recharged. The device can be fully charged in less than an hour from the time it is plugged in.

The pod can hold up to 1.8 ml of e-juice, and it has a honeycomb core with an ohm resistance range of 1.2 to 1.5. Furthermore, this pod vape kit is compatible with MOTI pod, including pre-filled disposable pod.

We Like

  • Very easy-to-use
  • Large e-juice and power capacity
  • Refillable pods
  • Excellent flavor production
  • It can charge and vape at the same time

We Don`t Like

  • Pods do not “snap” into place

8 Mojo Disposable Kit

A Pre-filled Pod System with 8 Flavor Choices

Mojo Disposable Pod Vape Device image


$6.99 $12.99
73 х 20 х 11mm
Ecig Type:
Tank Capacity:
1.2 mL
  • Compatibility: e-liquid

The Mojo disposable and non-rechargeable pod vape designed to help smokers replace tobacco products with something else, which is why it made it to our list of top pod system vapes. They are small and portable, making them perfect for when people are out of the house or office.

The Mojo pod is also very practical because of the draw activated firing system, which helps to mimic the feel of holding and smoking an actual cigarette. Each unit comes pre-filled with 1.2 ml of salt nicotine. The Mojo pod is available in multiple flavors, including pineapple, raspberry, grape, menthol, and more.

We Like

  • Well-designed for a disposable device
  • Good capacity internal cel
  • Two nic salt levels: 20mg and 50mg
  • A good selection of flavors
  • A real, MTL vaping experience

We Don`t Like

  • Disposables make too much garbage

What are the Pod Vapes?

A vape pod is a small vaping system that incorporates a two-part system that consists of a pod containing e-juice and a battery. They are often referred to as ‘pod vape’, ‘pod mod’, ‘small vape’ and by other nicknames. Pod vape is smaller than box mod, which is a mod that attaches to a tank. Pod system is also not as powerful as box mod (about 10-30w per device), but they offer a lot of advantages that box mods do not.

Pod mods are very portable, more so than most box mods. They can easily fit in a pocket, backpack, or purse, and they do not easily break. Another difference is that they are more discreet and stealthy than other vaping devices, which makes them good for being around people who do not like smoking. Finally, they are easy to operate. Just insert the pod into the device and start vaping. The user does not have to fiddle with multiple settings.

Each vape has different features and specifications that make them unique and suited for some and not so suitable for others. The adjustability of the pod mod settings is very limited, but on some vapes, the temperature and coils can be changed. With others, however, the settings cannot be changed at all.

smok nord vs juul

Each vaping device has batteries of different strengths that are measured in mAhs (milliamp hours). For example, the Smok Nord last for three days because they have a 1,100 mah battery. The Juul has a 200 mah battery, which lasts for half a day.

The Best Pod Mods with Open System

An open pod system is a starter kit that uses a pod that can be opened. The pods come with rubber plugs or a spring-loaded door through which the e-juice is poured. Some think this is the reason why these are the best vape pods.

Firstly, with an open system, nearly any flavor can be chosen for the pod, such as strawberry, custard, and even biscuits and gravy! Not only can the flavor be changed, but the nicotine levels and its type can be chosen. The only drawback is sometimes there is an aftertaste from the last juice.

The biggest thing they have going for them, though, is that they are cheaper than closed systems because the pods do not have to be replaced every few days or weeks.

The Best Pod Mods with Closed System

A closed pod is sealed so e-juice cannot be added once it is depleted. When it expires, simply throw it out, and put a new one into the unit. These are vape pods for those who want to vape quickly and not be hassled with choosing flavors and refilling pod.

The flavor options for closed pods is limited, but that disadvantage is offset by the fact they are much easier to operate than open systems. The closed pod also come with fixed nicotine levels ranging from 12 to 60. Most of the liquids they use will be salt-based, which makes for more smooth vapor and robust throat hit.

Some are able to open up their closed pod and refill them but this is not recommended. Most likely the pod will break. If you think you can open and refill yours successfully, by all means, try. The best thing to do, however, is using the device as intended or buy a mini vape that refillable pod.

The chief benefit of using a closed system is that they are faster and easier to handle than open pods. The drawback, though, is that in the long-distance they cost more money because new pods have to be bought to replace those that have been expended, which is why some do not think the open system is the best pod system vapes.

How to Find the Best Pod Systems

One of the obstacles beginners run into when they start vaping is that they use a complicated device like a box mod. Box mods are for experienced vapers who know the ins and outs of this habit, and it is not for a starter vapers. Pod device is much easier to handle than a box mod. If you are a beginner or an experienced user who wants to vape without worrying about wattage or wicking, these best pod systems of 2019 are for you.

The first thing you need to do is choose between the two styles of pod systems:

  • Refillable and reusable
  • Pre-filled and disposable

There are devices that have disposable parts (like the pods), while the batteries are reusable, so the decision is not always clear-cut. The Mojo is entirely disposable (pod and battery), while the MOTI has reusable pods and a rechargeable battery. Neither the Mojo or the MOTI is as durable as something like the Orion Q, SMOK Nord or Uwell Caliburn which are meant for long-term use.

The latter devices though do require some upkeep and maintenance, as they are more advanced. If you want simple and uncomplicated, then pre-filled and disposable vapes are the best bet. It would also help if you can think about what makes for a good pod starter kit.

Do you want a portable, discreet, and easy-to-use pod vape or do you want durability, versatility, and high-performance? Do you want pre-filled pod or do you want to use your own e-juice?

Make a list of all the features that make a good starter kit, and then start searching for those that meet those criteria. Start reading reviews or watching YouTube videos about those devices. Also read threads on Reddit, which has a lot of hands-on vaping device reviews.

Once you have picked from among the best vape pods, think about the flavors you want to try. There are many flavors to choose from, especially if you own an open system. When picking an e-juice, think about the foods and flavors you enjoy when eating and drinking and see if there is an e-juice for it. They have everything from tobacco to cheesecake juices. Often you can find flavors that are better than those offered by the company selling the pod starter kit.

How to Use a Pod Vape

When the vape and e-juices arrive, open them up and set out the contents. The box in which the pod mod comes should have not only the starter kit but a user manual and a mini-USB charging cord. Some packages will also come with extra pods, lanyards, and other useful accessories. Before making a purchase, read the product description of the mini vape before buying it. It will say what comes with the package.

  • Read the user manual before operating the pod device.
  • Once you read it and fully understand how it works, charge the pod mod if it is not already charged.

The charging times vary with each mini vape. Factors like the battery capacity, the power output, and whether the cell has power regulation also affect the charge time. All vapes have LED indicator lights that show the cell level and when the charging time is done.

  • The light will turn a certain color when the charging cycle is complete. The light will have different colors, so be sure to read the manual to find out what each color means. Understanding what the color codes mean could prevent a malfunction.
  • Once the pod device is charged, fill up the cartridge if they are open systems. There are many ways to do this, but generally, the pod will have an entry point covered by a rubber stopper, or a spring-loaded door.
  • The pods come in many sizes, usually one to two milliliters, and some can hold even more. Take the e-juice bottle in hand and gently push the nozzle of the bottle into the door and fill the pod to capacity.
  • Once filled, slide the pod onto the mod gently until it is properly in place. Give the coils and wicking in the pod five to ten minutes to absorb the e-juice.

With a closed pod mod system do not worry about these steps. Take the cartridge and slide it onto the mod. Once the juice is absorbed, it is time to vape. To get some pod mod started, all you have to do is inhale. These are called ‘draw-activated’ pod devices.

Others have firing buttons that have to be tapped to turn them on or off. The ENVII FITT and Uwell Caliburn can be activated both ways. When vaping, monitor the LED lights of the pod mod. Some flashing colors mean that there is something wrong with the pod mod, while others indicate the battery level.

When searching for a pod vape, look at how many mAhs (milliamp hours) it has. ‘Mah’ is a unit of measurement that measures electric power over time. For example, you will see batteries that have 200, 300 mah and etcetera. As a general rule, the more mahs a battery has, the longer it can be used without having to be recharged. If you want a mini vape pod that can last longer than a couple of hours, use one with a battery that is over 500 or 600 mah.

Advantages of Pod Mods

Ease of Use
Ease of use is the most appealing aspect of pod mods. Just insert the pod into the device and start vaping. You do not have to build anything, add wicking, or play with a lot of different settings.

Mini vapes are much smaller than box mods that use tanks and atomizers. Many of them are not much bigger than flash drives or small mobile phones, and they can be taken almost anywhere. Those going on an extended trip can bring a charger, a few extra pods, and an e-juice bottle.

While each pod mod costs differently, it is much less expensive than box mod and tank. None of the prices for the units listed on this list cost more than $35.00. A box mod when combined with a tank or some other accessory can cost much more depending on the brand.

Great Vaping Experience
While they do not offer as much versatility as other types of pod mods, they still offer an outstanding and deep lung or throat hit that is packed with a lot of nicotine and flavor. A delicious, high nicotine strength juice or disposable pod gives a satisfying vapor hit every time it is inhaled.

Pod System Vapes Are Discreet
Not everyone wants to create massive clouds of vapor, and a lot of bystanders do not like being around those who vape. Pod systems are perfect for vapers who do not want to intrude on the personal space of others, making them great for work, school, or public transport. Suorin always keeps this in mind and makes every device ultra-portable and stealthy.

Disadvantages of These Mini Vapes

Smaller Clouds
A lot of vapers like to exhale large clouds, but this cannot be done with a pod mod. Pod starter kits can make decent sized clouds, but they will not be as big as those made by box mods.

Battery Size
Pod mods have small batteries because of the size and compactness of the device. While this makes the pod mod more portable, it makes the battery life shorter. Higher end mini vapes do have high capacity batteries, like many of those listed in this article, but they will be a tad bit more expensive.

Not as Versatile
Box mods allow for wicking, coil replacement in either their sub-ohm tanks, clearomizers or RBAs. Box mod users can also change their settings via the mod’s control interface – OLED screen, buttons – to get their ideal vape. Newer pod vape devices, like the Orion Q or the SMOK Nord, have different coil options, and variable voltage settings, but they don’t get more advanced than that. Vape pods are not as versatile. If you are interested in getting something customizable, consider purchasing a box mod or RBA with a build deck.

Best Pod Vapes on the Market Right Now: Prices and Brands

Brand 😍 Pod Vape 💨 Best Price 💵
Lost Vape Orion Q 17W Shop Now for $38.95
Uwell Caliburn Shop Now for $37.95
SMOK Nord Shop Now for $38.95
VOOPOO Drag Nano Shop Now for $38.95
Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Shop Now for $38.95
Suorin Air V2 Shop Now for $38.95
Mojo MOTI Shop Now for $38.95
Mojo Disposable Shop Now for $38.95

What E-Juice Should Be Used for the Pod System Vapes?

The best e-liquids to use in a refillable pod are those that use salt-based nicotine and those with 50/50 VG/PG ratios. Salt nicotine is found in the leaves of tobacco plants, and it is absorbed by the body more slowly than freebase liquid. Nicotine salts are also smoother and more palatable because they have benzoic acid. This key ingredient allows people to absorb nicotine from the liquids better.

VG and PG stand for the fillers vegetable glycerin and polypropylene glycol respectively, and they are two of the main ingredients in any e-juice. Standard liquids will consist of small amounts of nicotine and flavoring, and the rest will be these two fillers. Vegetable glycerin is thick and sweet and helps the pod vape to produce vapor. Polypropylene glycol is tasteless and helps the mini vape pod to provide a better throat hit.

FAQs about Pod Systems

The main reason people want to use vape pods is that they are much easier to use than other pod devices that utilize external tanks and atomizers.

Other people like to use them because they are looking for alternative ways to get nicotine from sources other than cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco. A lot of people believe that e-cigarettes can aid people in their quest to give up smoking, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions about their effectiveness and long-term health effects.

Some people like them simply because they are fun to use. A lot of people like the flavor options that are available to them, and you can even get e-juice without nicotine.

How do pod vapes work?

Pod vapes work by heating the liquid inside of the pods with the help of coils wrapped in an absorbent material like cotton. When the pod cartridge snaps onto the part that holds the battery, the unit can be turned on by inhaling on it or pushing the firing button. This process, in turn, heats the coils which vaporize the liquid inside. The liquid is inhaled once it is heated.

Can you use regular vape juice in a pod system?

You can use regular vape juice (freebase nicotine) in a pod vape, but it depends on the system, as well as the type of coil it uses. Putting a high VG e-juice in a pod vape with an MTL or above-ohm coil may not get the best results in either cloud size or flavor, so make sure the coil is compatible with different types of e-juice.

Do pod Vapes have coils?

Of course, they have. It may not look like they have them, because they are self-contained, but inside every pod, there is a coil. The material and resistance may differ, but no vape, whether a pod vape, vape pen or box mod can function without a coil.

Are pod cartridges leak proof?

Pods in pod vapes are, in general, leakproof, but it is difficult to say that with a 100% certainty. Every manufacturer builds their pods to be leak resistant, but there may be times when a pod does spring a leak. If that happens, ask for a replacement or buy another pod vape.

Can pod mods explode?

Pod vapes are less likely to explode unlikely the advanced vaping systems (aka mech mods). Here are some tips for super-safe usage:

  • Use mini vapes that utilize safety features like ventilation holes, overcharge protection, and firing button locks.
  • Do not charge the mod with anything other than the charger with which it arrives.
  • Never leave it unattended while charging and do not let it charge overnight.
  • Do not let the vape pod get damaged or wet. If this happens, replace it.
  • Follow the directions in the user manual and do not use it for purposes for which it was not intended.
  • Charge the pod vape on a hard, flat surface, and not on a bed or pillow. Doing this will cause it to overheat.
  • Never leave the pod device in direct sunlight or in freezing temperatures.

Following these tips will prevent the vape from getting damaged or exploding. If the pod explodes, report the incident to the Food and Drug Administration.

Final Thoughts about These Top-Notch Pod Vapes of 2019

These are the best pod vapes of 2019 indeed! The pod mods we listed are great for all sorts of users, from beginners to experienced vapers.

They are great for work and travel, and they perform well, too. Remember always to do research before buying a starter pod mod. Make sure you are getting the mod and flavors to enjoy. Now that you know the basics of vaping with box mods, you will be better prepared to figure out which of these pod system vapes suits you best!

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